Harry Hochheiser

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Received: 3 June 2003 Revised: 16 October 2003 Accepted: 16 October 2003 Abstract Timeboxes are rectangular widgets that can be used in direct-manipulation graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to specify query constraints on time series data sets. Timeboxes are used to specify simultaneously two sets of constraints: given a set of N time series profiles, a(More)
As a "social protocol" aimed at providing a technological means to address concerns over Internet privacy, the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) has been controversial since its announcement in 1997. In the U.S., critics have decried P3P as an industry attempt to avoid meaningful privacy legislation, while developers have portrayed the proposal as a(More)
Title of Dissertation: INTERACTIVE GRAPHICAL QUERYING OF TIME SERIES AND LINEAR SEQUENCE DATA SETS Harry Hochheiser, Doctor of Philosophy, 2003 Dissertation directed by: Professor Ben Shneiderman Department of Computer Science Numerous analytic domains involve the study of measurable quantities that change over time. This widespread interest in time series(More)
The Open Microscopy Environment (OME) defines a data model and a software implementation to serve as an informatics framework for imaging in biological microscopy experiments, including representation of acquisition parameters, annotations and image analysis results. OME is designed to support high-content cell-based screening as well as traditional image(More)
To date, experimental comparisons of menu layouts have concentrated on variants of hierarchical structures of sequentially presented menus. Simultaneous menus—layouts that present multiple active menus on a screen at the same time—are an alternative arrangement that may be useful in many Web design situations. This article describes an experiment involving(More)
The need for security features to stop spam and bots has prompted research aimed at developing human interaction proofs (HIPs) that are both secure and easy to use. The primarily visual techniques used in these HIP tools present difficulties for users with visual impairments. This article reports on the development of Human-Interaction Proof, Universally(More)
HTTP server log files provide Web site operators with substantial detail regarding the visitors to their sites. Interest in interpreting this data has spawned an active market for software packages that summarize and analyze this data, providing histograms, pie graphs, and other charts summarizing usage patterns. While useful, these summaries obscure useful(More)
Despite growing interest in designing usable systems for managing privacy and security, recent efforts have generally failed to address the needs of users with disabilities. As security and privacy tools often rely upon subtle visual cues or other potentially inaccessible indicators, users with perceptual limitations might find such tools particularly(More)