Harry Hirschfelder

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Our biomechanical in vitro tests compared the stability of the MACS HMA (Aesculap, Tuttlingen) implants to three established systems. The MACS HMA is a modular system consisting of porous hollow titanium screws with an outer diameter of 12 mm for monocortical use. We report the preliminary results of MACS HMA used for correction of scoliosis. All other(More)
Elongated Styloid Process Syndrome requires its consideration in differential diagnosis of degenerative disease of the cervical spine. Radiating pain on certain movements of the cervical spine is a symptom of an elongated styloid process as well. First basic anatomy and pathology, symptoms and differential diagnosis of the elongated styloid syndrome are(More)
The diagnostic value of 3-D reconstructions from axial CT scans in evaluating craniofacial structures was analyzed on the basis of a selected orthodontic patient group. The results showed that, for the first time, a three-dimensional analysis of the craniofacial relationships could be obtained which was not a mere spatial evaluation of the morphological(More)
In the case of a woman with Freeman-Sheldon syndrome clinical, radiographic and CT data were used to demonstrate specific craniofacial and dental characteristics. Three-dimensional surface reconstruction of the cranial morphology obtained from axial CT scans was found to provide the most useful means for analyzing the characteristic craniofacial deformities(More)
X-rays of 102 sternoclavicular joints from post-mortem examination were interpreted systematically. In 89 cases we found an osteoarthrosis. We investigated the correlation between stage of osteoarthrosis and size and form of articular surface, age, sex and right or left preference. We also made a review about anatomy, embryology and pathology of the(More)