Harry Harms

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Silencing of T cell activation and function is a highly efficient strategy of immunosuppression induced by pathogens. By promoting formation of membrane microdomains essential for clustering of receptors and signalling platforms in the plasma membrane, ceramides accumulating as a result of membrane sphingomyelin breakdown are not only essential for assembly(More)
The effects of adenosine and some related purines on the K+-induced release of 3H-noradrenaline from rat cerebral cortex slices were determined in a superfusion system. Adenosine and ATP caused a dose-dependent inhibition of 3H-NA release with a maximal effect of 35% at 10(-4) M. Theophylline, 10(-4) M, antagonized the inhibitory effect of adenosine. The(More)
The pharmacotherapy advice contained in the 'Multidisciplinaire Richtlijn Schizofrenie 2005' (abbreviated to MDRS 2005 and translated as the Dutch Multidisciplinary Schizophrenia Guideline) is compared with the advice given in the 'Farmacotherapeutisch Kompas 2005' (abbreviated to FTK 2005 and translated as the Pharmacotherapy Compass 2005) and with(More)