Harry H. Taylor

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Arterial and mixed venous blood were sampled through chronically implanted cannulae from rested and swimming hagfish. PaO2 remained high when hagfish were swum for 15 min at a velocity of 20 cm s-1. PvO2 fell from 17.2 mmHg at rest to 3.5 mmHg after swimming, and the arteriovenous pH difference increased from 0.15 to 0.25 pH units. Whole blood oxygen(More)
Resting weight-specific oxygen consumption of the cryopelagic Antarctic nototheniid Pagothenia borchgrevinki at 0°C was 39.6 ml kg-1 · h-1 for a 50 g fish, with oxygen consumption being described by the regression equation: log10 VO2(ml/h)=−1.104+0.825 log10 Mb (g). These values are considerably below those raported by Wohlschlag (1964a,b). VO2 max. in(More)
Holthuisana valentula Riek and H. agassizi (Rathbun) both ventilate their lungs by lateral oscillations of the thoracic walls within the branchial chambers. Air enters and leaves the lungs via the prebranchial apertures and the Milne-Edwards apertures. At rest, active ventilation in H. transversa was low (0-95 mlg~^ h") and a high diffusional component was(More)
Patching after endarterectomy, especially carotid artery surgery, is a common procedure to repair and close the surgical site. Both synthetic and natural materials can be used, but saphenous vein is preferred due to its greater long-term patency. In situations where it is not possible to use the saphenous vein, both Dacron and expanded(More)
The adults of Hemigrapsus edwardsii and Hemigrapsus crenulatus are euryhaline crabs and strong hyper-osmoregulators. Their embryos are carried externally attached to the abdominal pleopods of female crabs, where they are exposed to temporal and spatial changes in salinity associated with their intertidal and estuarine habitats. Although embryos lack the(More)
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  • Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische…
  • 1971
Structural features of the principal, urine-secreting cells (type 1 cells) of the Malpighian tubules of Carausius are de scribedquantitatively and discussed in relation to possible mechanisms of water and solute transport. Mitochondria are arranged in two bands of about equal volume near to the basal and apical surfaces, suggesting active processes occur at(More)
Holthuisana transversa (von Martens), a freshwater/land crab from arid areas of Australia, is an efficient bimodal breather. In water, resting MO2 (1-65^molg"^") and Vw ( lS^mlg" 1 h") at 25°C were lower than in other aquatic crabs whilst percentage extraction of oxygen was quite high (47 %). MO2 was not regulated at low ambient PQ2 but could be increased(More)
Heterozius rotundifrons and Cyclograpsus lavauxi are crabs of similar size, whose intertidal habitats overlap. They differ in the number and size of their eggs. A 2 g ovigerous H. rotundifrons incubates 675 large yolky eggs (mean single-egg mass 269 microg; egg clutch 9.15 % of mass of female crab; increasing to 435 microg and 13.4 % at hatching). The egg(More)
The isolated gills of Carcinus maenas, perfused at pressure drops of 1–10 cm of water, exhibited flow rectification, the resistance to perfusion via the afferent vessel being many times lower than that for efferent perfusion. The asymmetry was greater at the lower end of this pressure range. The overall afferent branchial resistance for Carcinus of weight(More)