Harry H Brown

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We report three patients with chronic headaches and optic neuropathy due to widespread meningeal thickening shown on enhanced MRI; all had biopsy-proven intracranial pachymeningitis (fibrosclerosis of the meninges). Two patients had bilateral optic neuropathy, elevated CSF protein, and polyclonal serum hypergammaglobulinemia. They developed temporal lobe(More)
Painful bilateral ophthalmoparesis, marked proptosis, increased intraocular pressure, and blindness developed in a 29-year-old woman with protein C deficiency and catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome. Magnetic resonance imaging of the orbits showed bilateral proptosis, globe tenting, and tethering of the optic nerves consistent with an orbital ischemic(More)
Ocular pathology in a case of neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) showed marked degeneration of photoreceptor cells throughout the retina including the macula. Macroscopically visible white opacities in the cortical vitreous of the posterior fundus were shown immunohistochemically and ultrastructurally to be macrophages containing bileaflet inclusions, a(More)
BACKGROUND Amyloidosis is a systemic disorder that results from the tissue deposition of various proteins with distinctive morphological characteristics. Conjunctival amyloidosis is a rare variant which is generally localized and not associated with systemic involvement. CASE REPORT We present here a case of 47-year-old female patient with right eyelid(More)
We describe a procedure for measuring urinary homovanillic acid by "high-performance" liquid chromatography. The pH of urine samples is adjusted, and they are chromatographed directly on an octyl silica column. The effluent is reacted with a ferricyanide reagent, to convert homovanillic acid to a product that is fluorescent at 420 nm on excitation at 320(More)
We describe a "high-performance" liquid-chromatographic procedure for measuring 3-methoxy-4-hydroxymandelic acid (vanillylmandelic acid) in urine. The compound is quantitatively extracted from urine by use of an automated system, including an anion-exchange resin. After elution from the resin and concentration by air drying, the urine extract is(More)
by indocyanine green angiography in a patient with retention of good vision for almost four years.phy: an analysis of two-dimensional and three-dimensional mapping of the retina. Age related maculopathy: nonneovascular age related macular degenera-tion and the evolution of geographic atrophy. Clinicopathologic studies of treated choroidal neovascular(More)
AIM (1) To determine if expression of the blood-tissue barrier associated glucose transporter GLUT1 is preserved by the neovasculature of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), in contrast with the reported loss of GLUT1 expression in preretinal vessels of proliferative diabetic retinopathy. (2) To compare the vascular immunophenotype of ROP to juvenile(More)