Harry G. Parkes

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BACKGROUND Dichloroacetate (DCA) has been found to have antitumour properties. METHODS We investigated the cellular and metabolic responses to DCA treatment and recovery in human colorectal (HT29, HCT116 WT and HCT116 Bax-ko), prostate carcinoma cells (PC3) and HT29 xenografts by flow cytometry, western blotting, electron microscopy, (1)H and(More)
BACKGROUND Acquired resistance to molecularly targeted therapeutics is a key challenge in personalised cancer medicine, highlighting the need for identifying the underlying mechanisms and early biomarkers of relapse, in order to guide subsequent patient management. METHODS Here we use human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) models and nuclear(More)
Autophagy is a highly regulated, energy dependent cellular process where proteins, organelles and cytoplasm are sequestered in autophagosomes and digested to sustain cellular homeostasis. We hypothesized that during autophagy induced in cancer cells by i) starvation through serum and amino acid deprivation or ii) treatment with PI-103, a class I PI3K/mTOR(More)
257 found in the men with exposure to pitch and tar (3 observed, 0 05 expected, P < 0 001) and an excess of tumours of the stomach was noted in the men whose exposure was uncertain (3 observed, 0-59 expected, P < 0 05). The first excess is to be anticipated on a priori grounds, but no explanation can be offered for the excess of stomach tumours in the(More)
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