Harry Fisch

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OBJECTIVES There has been an enormous amount of interest as to whether sperm counts are declining over time. We sought to compare a contemporary group of fertile men to those from the MacLeod study of 1951 to ascertain whether sperm counts in fertile men have changed over time. METHODS We obtained sperm count data from 374 fertile men who banked sperm in(More)
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is the most prevalent form of prostatitis. It is characterized by pelvic pain, voiding symptoms, and ejaculatory symptoms in the absence of bacterial infection. This can be a difficult condition to treat. Many etiologies for CPPS have been proposed including immunologic, neurologic, endocrine, and psychological factors.(More)
The term environmental estrogen refers to chemical substances that exhibit some degree of estrogen-like activity. The primary emphasis for potential adverse effects resulting from exposure to environmental estrogens is on in utero exposure because such exposures can occur during critical periods of organogenesis. Assessment of biological plausibility can be(More)
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