Harry E. Bowen

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This study offers an extensive statistical analysis of the manifestations of acquired syphilis in the Chinese, White, and Negro races in regard to the distribution of the major stages, the incidence of neural and extra-neural phenomena, and the specific localizations in the various stages. The populations investigated (Chinese at Peiping Union Medical(More)
Although several bacterial toxins have been prepared in highly purified form (c.f. Pappenheimer,6 Lamanna et al,,' and Pillemer8), comparatively little effort has been made in this direction with the toxins of the gas gangrene organism C. histolyticurm. Weinberg and Seguinll demonstrated that it could be precipitated with ammonium sulfate, and made the(More)
DIAGNOSIS OF VIRAL AND RICKETTSIAL INFECTIONS. Edited by Frank L. Horsfall, Jr. Columbia University Press, New York, 1949. 153 pp. $3.75. This compact volume presents the twelve papers read at a symposium of the Section on Microbiology of the New York Academy of Medicine held at New York in January, 1948. The specific infectious diseases discussed are(More)
Weinberg and Seguin,' shortly after first isolating Clostridium histolyticum, demonstrated that broth filtrates are lethal for laboratory animals when injected intravenously. These same preparations injected intramuscularly into the thighs of experimental animals resulted in rapidly progressive histolytic lesions. (The pathology of these lesions has been(More)
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