Harry D. Brown

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The zinc finger protein MAZ, originally identified as a factor that binds to the c-myc P2 promoter, is associated with transcriptional termination. As shown in these studies, a termination sequence between the closely spaced human complement genes C2 and Factor B contains a protein binding site which interacts with three different proteins in vitro. Binding(More)
Microsomal electron transport components (NADPH oxidase, NADPH-ferricyanide reductase, cytochromes P-450 and b5) have been studied in Buffalostrain rat liver and in a series of Morris hepatomata (9618A-2, 7800, 7795 and 7787). Normal liver values differed significantly from those measured in livers of tumourbearing animals. In all hepatomata per se, very(More)
Adenyl cyclase activity has been measured in Morris hepatomas, moderately fast-growing 7777 (average genera tion, 2 months) and slower-growing tumors 7794A (average generation, 4 months) and 96ISA (average generation, 5 months). The activity levels of the tumors varied as a function of their growth rate. Slower-growing tumors ex hibited adenyl cyclase(More)
Erythrocyte ghosts isolated from myopathic patients responded to 10(-4) molar ouabain with a dramatic increase in adenosine triphosphatase activity, while identical preparations from normal donors were inhibited by the same drug. These results have been interpreted in terms of a disease-related change in membrane integrity bearing upon function of the(More)
Acetylcholinesterase (acetylcholine acetylhydrolase, EC, phosphorylated with dichlorvos, showed relatively more reactivity toward the substrate indophenyl acetate than the enzyme that was carbamylated with carbaryl. When the anionic subsite of the phosphorylated or carbamylated enzyme was alkylated with an aziridinium ion, the reaction velocity(More)
Liver microsomes of the rat contain a group of hydroxylating enzymes which are coupled to a greater or lesser degree to the electron flow system. In our studies, enzymes believed to be directly associated with the electron flow chain of NADPH, ferricyanide reduction, cytochrome c, cytochrome P-450 and substrate hydroxylation have been observed in livers(More)