Harry C. Gatos

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The role of crystalline structure in the surface reactivity of predominantly covalent materials has been examined in terms of chemical bonding concepts. In this context a solid surface can be viewed as a giant lattice defect characterized by dangling bonds. Although it is difficult, at the present stage of development of the quantum mechanical approach to(More)
The system Nb~Al Sn, exhibits complete solid solubility, a positive Seebeck voltage that increases monatomically from 1.8 to over 12 |dV/°K, and a superconducting transition temperature T that has a broad minimum of T « 15.3 °K at about y = 0.5. The c c pseudobinary Nb-Sn, Sb , on the other hand, contains two phases, ■3 x"X X each with the A15 structure, in(More)
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