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Electron diffraction patterns of the fullerene C(60) in the gaseous state have been obtained by volatilizing it from a newly designed oven-nozzle at 730 degrees C. The many peaks of the experimental radial distribution curve calculated from the scattered intensity are completely consistent with icosahedral symmetry for the free molecule. On the basis of(More)
A critical limiting factor of chemotherapy is the unacceptably high toxicity. The use of nanoparticle based drug carriers has significantly reduced the side effects and facilitated the delivery of drugs. Source of the remaining side effect includes (1) the broad final in vivo distribution of the administrated nanoparticles, and (2) strong basal drug release(More)
The rotational dynamics of C(60) in the solid state have been investigated with carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance ((13)C NMR). The relaxation rate due to chemical shift anisotropy (1/9T1(CSA)(1)) was precisely measured from the magnetic field dependence of T(1), allowing the molecular reorientational correlation time, tau, to be determined. At 283(More)
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