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Twenty-two fine needle (30 gauge) aspirations were performed in eyes enucleated for the clinical diagnosis of melanoma. Cytologic preparations were evaluated for adequacy of material, and needle tracts were evaluated for tumor implantation. A scleral marking method was used to identify all needle tracts. The number of tumor cells in tracts of direct(More)
Breast metastases from nonmammary malignant neoplasms are uncommon, accounting for approximately 2% of breast tumors. There are 13 cases reported in the literature of carcinoid tumor metastatic to the breast, and more than half of these cases were misdiagnosed pathologically and treated as primary breast carcinoma, even in cases with a medical record of(More)
We report a case of primary orbital melanoma in a 17-year-old girl. The patient presented with painless proptosis during the first trimester of pregnancy. Computed tomography demonstrated a well-circumscribed mass located infra-temporally in the right orbit. The tumor was bluish-black, grossly encapsulated, and associated with orbital blue nevi. Histologic(More)
Painful bilateral ophthalmoparesis, marked proptosis, increased intraocular pressure, and blindness developed in a 29-year-old woman with protein C deficiency and catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome. Magnetic resonance imaging of the orbits showed bilateral proptosis, globe tenting, and tethering of the optic nerves consistent with an orbital ischemic(More)
We report three patients with chronic headaches and optic neuropathy due to widespread meningeal thickening shown on enhanced MRI; all had biopsy-proven intracranial pachymeningitis (fibrosclerosis of the meninges). Two patients had bilateral optic neuropathy, elevated CSF protein, and polyclonal serum hypergammaglobulinemia. They developed temporal lobe(More)
BACKGROUND Amyloidosis is a systemic disorder that results from the tissue deposition of various proteins with distinctive morphological characteristics. Conjunctival amyloidosis is a rare variant which is generally localized and not associated with systemic involvement. CASE REPORT We present here a case of 47-year-old female patient with right eyelid(More)
The localization and the specific activities of lysosomal enzymes in jejunal and ileal epithelium of suckling pigs were determined. Acid phosphatase was found in pinocytotic vesicles and vacoles at both intestinal sites in pigs examined during (less than or equal to 1 day old) or shortly after (2 days old) closure. These pinocytolically active vesicles and(More)
We studied the clinical and pathologic features of a traumatically ruptured eye seven years after radial keratotomy. The radial keratotomy incisions were identified and topographically related to perforation sites. Three radial keratotomy incisions were perforated. Seven additional incisions were partially separated. Radial keratotomy incision depths ranged(More)
Two of four cases of Mycobacterium fortuitum keratitis occurred after corneal surgery with contact lens wear, one was associated with extended contact lens wear alone, and one occurred after a foreign body injury. All cases were characterized by pain, conjunctival hyperemia, stromal inflammation, and ulceration. Diagnosis was made by culture and acid-fast(More)