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A 49-year-old diabetic woman developed polymicrobial anaerobic meningitis secondary to a meningorectal fistula one year after receiving neutron beam therapy for a rectal adenocarcinoma. The meningitis was refractory to chloramphenicol and penicillin but responded to oral metronidazole. Sustained eradication of meningitis was achieved with continued(More)
Translation in vitro of messenger RNA obtained from preparations of active polysomes isolated from the epidermal basal, spinous, and granular cells of the newborn rat has provided evidence that in the context of differentiation in this tissue, control of protein synthesis is exerted at the level of transcription. The data supporting this hypothesis are(More)
Local drug delivery of an anti-proliferative drug from balloon catheter systems to the site of arterial injury has been attempted repeatedly over the years with limited success in drug uptake and retention. Accessibility of the drug at the site is critical to combat the body's response to the procedural trauma of angioplasty. Recently, formulations have(More)
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