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Former Senator Schmitt Summarizes the Effects of Cosmic Rays on Climate Change limate change driven by the sun, constitutes a strongly competitive hypothesis to the climate modeling-political hypothesis of human-caused global warming. As many scientists have documented, the position and orientation of the Earth in its orbit around the sun and the sun's(More)
The challenge to global energy future lies in meeting the needs and aspirations of the ten to twelve billion earthlings that will be on this planet by 2050. At least an eight-fold increase in annual production will be required by the middle of this century. The energy sources that can be considered developed and "in the box" for consideration as sources for(More)
A time of opportunity," Editorial, 30 Jan., p. 589) clearly are aware of the extraordinary foundation of scientific knowledge about the origin and history of the Moon, Earth, planets, and solar system that came as a consequence of U.S. explorations of the moon. I was surprised, however, by their implication that the time of human exploration of space has(More)
It is possible to generate nuclear power without the production of radioactive waste or radioactive material that can escape the reactor in case of an accident. The key lies in controlling the fusion of third-generation fuels containing 3 He. This will not be an easy task because there are both physics and economic issues to face, but it is a goal worth(More)