Harrison B. Smith

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Introduction 1 While Moore's Law continues to drive the density of integrated circuits, heat and geometry issues are making it impractical to create faster and faster processors. Instead, more and higher performance systems are being built using multi-core processors or accelerators like Graphics Processor Units (GPUs), Field Programmable Gate Arrays(More)
—Understanding energy use is critical. While simulation is valuable, such models are simplified abstractions of actual energy systems. We present an energy system multi-model implemented with the newly developed LAPIS computational steering API. We present an adaptable framework for the integration and development of multi-model simulations. This framework(More)
! This paper considers Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), in particular the application of geotagging in social media photographs, as an emerging form of geodemographic consumer surveillance. Although the geoweb is typically framed within a context of participatory engagement with geospatial data by non-expert cartographers (Goodchild 2007; Elwood(More)
People with mental health problems have a range of health and social care needs that result in both illness and disability (effects of the illness on social functioning and citizenship). If service development is to be creative and innovative, needs assessment has to focus on the identification of actual need--rather than using the existing services as the(More)
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