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Nowadays, more than ever, security is considered to be critical issue for all electronic transactions. This is the reason why security services like those described in IPSec are mandatory to IPV6 which will be adopted as the new IP standard the next years. In fact E.U. has set the target of moving to IPv6 for about 25% of European e-infrastructures in 2010.(More)
The SHA-3 cryptographic hash algorithm is standardized in FIPS 202. We present a pipelined hardware architecture supporting all the four SHA-3 modes of operation and a high-performance implementation for FPGA devices that can support both multi-block and multi-message processing. Experimental results on different FPGA devices validate that the proposed(More)
Hash functions are special cryptographic algorithms, which are applied wherever message integrity and authentication are critical. Implementations of these functions are cryptographic primitives widely used in common cryptographic schemes and security protocols such as Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this paper, a(More)
Many cryptographic primitives that are used in cryptographic schemes and security protocols such as SET, PKI, IPSec, and VPNs utilize hash functions, which form a special family of cryptographic algorithms. Applications that use these security schemes are becoming very popular as time goes by and this means that some of these applications call for higher(More)