Harris Durrani

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At low frequencies, DC-DC converter is one of the noisiest components that can adversely affect conducted emission (CE) measurements. Since DC-DC converter does the switching at a frequency that is proportional to the load, there is a strong component of interference signal in a certain frequency band that depends upon the load. It not only includes the(More)
This study identifies the core agricultural information needs of the farmers of central Punjab. A lean model is adopted to develop an image based touch application with minimal text to deliver information such as weather forecast, pesticides and fertilizer information. The usage of the application was then evaluated and results show that such an application(More)
This paper presents results of a field study of an interactive voice response (IVR) system developed for the agricultural community of Punjab, Pakistan. We studied the information requirements and the user demographics to develop a basic IVR system which disseminates agro-information such as weather forecast, pesticide and fertilizer information etc. In(More)
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