Harrie A C Tilmans

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The design, fabrication and performance of vacuum-encapsulated electrostatically driven polysilicon resonating beams, 210-510 p m long, 100 pm wide, and 1.5 p n thick, are described. The shortest beams have a fundamental frequency of 324 kHz, a gauge factor of 2400 and a quality factor of 600 at cavity pressures of 0.15 mbar. Intrinsic quality factors of 18(More)
This paper describes the vanous design aspects for rmcromechatucal sensors consut-mg of a structure with encapsulated budt-m resonant strain gauges Analytical models are used to investigate the effect of device parameters on the behavlour of a pressure sensor and a force sensor The analyses mdl-cate that the sealing cap can have a strong degrading effect on(More)
This document summarizes the results of the RF MEMS roadmapping project ARRRO (applied research roadmap for micro and nano systems). This project has been financed by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme. The paper presents some excerpts of the project regarding the (1) RF MEMS product roadmap with the example of RF MEMS switches, (2)(More)
– New semiconductor technologies, used in passive microwave applications, allow the integration of passives with high quality factors and the fabrication of novel RF-MEMS components for switches and tunable capacitors and resonators. The use of these technologies results in a strong reduction of the size and the power consumption of wearable microwave(More)
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