Harri Lahti

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Epidemiologic data were obtained, and nipple aspiration attempted, from 289 healthy women, 548 women currently having or with a history of benign breast disease, 153 untreated women with breast cancer, and 106 women previously treated by mastectomy. Breast duct fluid was produced in detectable amounts by 59% of the controls and patients with benign or(More)
The relationship between bladder cancer and employment in occupations involving exposure to diesel exhaust was examined using data from a hospital-based case-control study of men aged 20 to 80 years in 18 hospitals in six U.S. cities, from January 1981 to May 1983. In this analysis, 194 cases and 582 controls were compared according to occupation, smoking(More)
Nipple aspiration yielded measurable amounts of breast duct fluid for 27 of 42 (64%) healthy premenopausal Finnish women, 93 of 218 (43%) premenopausal American patients with fibrocystic disease, but only 24 of 92 (26%) healthy American premenopausal controls. When aspiration was successful, the average volumes obtained were larger for the normal Finnish(More)
Serum and breast fluid obtained by nipple aspiration were collected from 46 healthy premenopausal women, and 36 patients with cystic breast disease and cyclical mastalgia of similar age. Serum prolactin and growth hormone levels determined by radioimmunoassay were similar in the two groups, but the patients showed a significant elevation in bioactive(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence, cause, and nature of maxillofacial and dental injuries in ice hockey games and training and also evaluate the use and the effect of dental or facial guards. METHODS Maxillofacial and dental ice hockey injuries in Finland were studied during years 1991 and 1992. Material was gathered from(More)
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