Harriët H. Mulder

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Single unit recordings were made from the nerve branch innervating the crista in the horizontal semicircular canal of a pigeon. The vestibular organ was either stimulated with sound through the ear canal or with a vibrator in contact with the membraneous ampulla roof. Units responding to sound or vibration showed tuning with a best frequency of(More)
New British guidelines on the treatment of asthma (9) advocate starting with a higher dose of inhaled corticosteroids in newly detected asthma patients. We investigated whether initiating inhaled steroid treatment with a higher dose is clinically more effective than a lower dose in steroid naive patients with asthma. The study had a 13-wk randomized,(More)
Vibro-acoustic stimulation of the human fetus in being increasingly performed both antenatally and during labour, to differentiate between poor and good fetal health in cases of flat or otherwise suspect fetal heart rate patterns. In a controlled study we investigated the effect of the electronic artificial larynx (EAL) on fetal behavioural state(More)
Population differences in nonstress test reactivity have been reported with a threefold increase in the likelihood of nonreactive nonstress tests observed in black fetuses as compared with white fetuses. We analyzed fetal behavioral states and fetal heart rates in 14 black and 15 white fetuses at term to explain this observed difference in nonstress test(More)
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