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miRBase is the central online repository for microRNA (miRNA) nomenclature, sequence data, annotation and target prediction. The current release (10.0) contains 5071 miRNA loci from 58 species, expressing 5922 distinct mature miRNA sequences: a growth of over 2000 sequences in the past 2 years. miRBase provides a range of data to facilitate studies of miRNA(More)
Mast cells have essential effector and immunoregulatory functions in IgE-associated allergic disorders and certain innate and adaptive immune responses, but the role of miRNAs in regulating mast cell functions is almost completely unexplored. To examine the role of the activation-induced miRNA miR-221 in mouse mast cells, we developed robust lentiviral(More)
A large number of sequences in each newly sequenced genome correspond to lineage and species-specific proteins, also known as ORFans. Amongst these ORFans, a large number are sequences with unknown structures and functions. We have identified a family of sequences, annotated as hypothetical proteins, which are specific to Bacillus and have carried out a(More)
We describe FRalanyzer (Fold Recognition alignment analyzer), a new web tool to visually inspect sequence-structure alignments in order to predict functionally important residues in a query sequence of unknown function. This tool is aimed at helping to infer functional relationships between a query sequence and a template structure, and is particularly(More)
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