Haroun R Hebron

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Ion exchange chromatography has emerged as a reliable alternative to classic CsCl-ethidium bromide gradients for isolating nucleic acids of the highest purity. A plasmid purification method based on a unique anion exchange membrane (IEXM) was developed for the production of superior quality plasmids. This method was simpler and more efficient than(More)
The Nkx2.1 homeobox gene and transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1) are essential for organogenesis and differentiation of the mouse lung. NKX2.1 is a marker of human lung carcinomas, but it is not known whether this gene participates in early tumorigenesis. Addition of TGF-beta1 to TGF-beta1-responsive nontumorigenic mouse lung cells cotransfected(More)
The purification is based on a set of solutions and a simple centrifugation procedure. Protocols are designed for an easy extraction and purification of genomic DNA from a wide range of samples, including whole blood, buffy coat, bone marrow, body fluids, buccal cells, tissues, mouse tails, etc. RBCs are lysed by dilution into a hypotonic solution. Tissues(More)
A DNA-binding matrix was immobilized on the surface of a 96-well microplate and used for plasmid DNA preparation for DNA sequencing. The same DNA-binding plate was used for bacterial growth, cell lysis, DNA purification, and storage. In a single step using one buffer, bacterial cells were lysed by enzymes, and released DNA was captured on the plate(More)
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