Haroon Atique Babri

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It is well known that standard single-hidden layer feedforward networks (SLFNs) with at most N hidden neurons (including biases) can learn N distinct samples (x(i),t(i)) with zero error, and the weights connecting the input neurons and the hidden neurons can be chosen "almost" arbitrarily. However, these results have been obtained for the case when the(More)
Multilayer perceptrons with hard-limiting (signum) activation functions can form complex decision regions. It is well known that a three-layer perceptron (two hidden layers) can form arbitrary disjoint decision regions and a two-layer perceptron (one hidden layer) can form single convex decision regions. This paper further proves that single hidden layer(More)
Software systems are expected to change over their lifetime in order to remain useful. Understanding a software system that has undergone changes is often difficult due to unavailability of up-to-date documentation. Under these circumstances, source code is the only reliable means of information regarding the system. In this paper, we apply data mining, or(More)