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Due to the wide existence of mixed pixels, the derivation of constituent components (endmembers) and their fractional proportions (abundances) at the subpixel scale has been given a lot of attention. The entire process is often referred to as mixed-pixel decomposition or spectral unmixing. Although various algorithms have been proposed to solve this(More)
  • H. H. Szu
  • International 1989 Joint Conference on Neural…
  • 1989
An energy landscape approach to designing neural nets is simple and powerful. The nature of competitive and cooperative learning is similar to that studied by S. Grossberg et al. (1976) and the D. Rumelhart PDP school, but differs slightly in the principles and neuronic models used. This model of hairy neurons emphasizes an active growth role played by(More)
In this work, we apply independent component analysis (ICA) to electrocardiographic (ECG) signals for improved detection of abnormal conditions in the heart. Unsupervised ICA neural networks can demix the components of measured ECG signals. Such components may correspond to individual heart functions, either normal or abnormal. ICA neural networks have the(More)
Airborne and spaceborne remote sensors can acquire invaluable information about earth surface, which have many important applications. The acquired information usually is represented as two-dimensional grids, i.e. images. One of techniques to processing such images is Independent Component Analysis (ICA), which is particularly useful for classifying objects(More)