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111 women took a total of 584 cycles of 1.0 mg norgestrel for 21 days out of a 28 day cycle, in a trial of a low-dose progestin-only oral contraceptive, intended to avoid the side effects of estrogen and the menstrual irregularity of mini-pills. This study followed an 18 month blind trial of norgestrel, .5, 1.0 and 1.5 mg in 100 patients, which found the(More)
The prevalence of horn aberrations in Dall's sheep from the Kluane Lake area of Yukon Territory observed during July 1982 represented 1% of the total population and 7% of rams 6 yr or older. Ewes were not considered in these percentages because they were too difficult to inspect by aerial survey. When these data were combined with other data collected from(More)
BACKGROUND Current management of tibial plateau fractures requires careful soft-tissue management. Often a staged approach with temporary external fixation followed by delayed internal fixation is recommended. While proven in high-energy injuries, its relevance in treating low-energy fractures has not been investigated. The goal of the current study was to(More)