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Preface SRI International has prepared this document as a full and complete disclosure of the Next-Generation Intrusion-Detection Expert System (NIDES) [3] statistical algorithm , including how it works, what decisions influenced the form of the algorithm, and the rationale behind those decisions. We have divided this document into four sections: • Chapter(More)
This study compared the accuracy of surveys of probability samples of American adults with surveys of non-probability samples of people who volunteer to do surveys for money or prizes. Data from one Random Digit Dialing (RDD) telephone survey, one Internet survey of a probability sample recruited by RDD, and seven Internet surveys of non-probability samples(More)
Common single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) subunit genes have previously been associated with measures of nicotine dependence. We investigated the contribution of common SNPs and rare single-nucleotide variants (SNVs) in nAChR genes to Fagerström test for nicotine dependence (FTND) scores in treatment-seeking(More)
This study evaluated association between common and rare sequence variants in 10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit genes and the severity of nausea 21 days after initiating the standard, Food and Drug Administration-approved varenicline regimen for smoking cessation. A total of 397 participants from a randomized clinical effectiveness trial with(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging was used to study the combined effects of HIV-infection and alcoholism (ALC) on corpus callosum (CC) integrity in relation to processes of attentional allocation and conflict resolution assessed by a novel Stroop Match-to-Sample task. We tested 16 ALC, 19 HIV, 20 subjects with combined disorder and 17 controls. In ALC, low(More)
BACKGROUND Retrospectively collected data about the development and maintenance of behaviors that impact health are a valuable source of information. Establishing the reliability of retrospective measures is a necessary step in determining the utility of that methodology and in studying behaviors in the context of risk and protective factors. OBJECTIVE(More)
BACKGROUND Varenicline may be associated with greater mood disturbance and side-effects among smokers with psychiatric history, but empirical evidence is limited. Differential treatment effectiveness by psychiatric history may also exist. OBJECTIVE To compare mood, prevalence and intensity of treatment side-effects, and abstinence among people with a(More)