Harold S Haller

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This study examined relationships between emotional adjustment and a number of coping styles and strategies in people with cancer. Two-hundred eighty-three adults completed measures of positive and negative emotions, subjective ratings of cancer-related symptoms and functional impairment, coping strategies, hope, benefit finding, emotional(More)
We used a naturalistic methodology to examine associations between change in cancer patients' emotional functioning and their use of interventions in a community organization. One-hundred ninety-two patients completed measures at baseline and 6 months later. During this time, they utilized the organization's various interventions as they wished. Attendance(More)
A comparison is made of statistical techniques currently in use for analysis of quantal assay data. The discussion focuses on the choice of the functional model to use in the description of the tolerance distribution for the estimation of the median effective dose and in the contrast between exact and graphical methods of estimation for a given choice of(More)
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