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Measures of subjective drug craving - often defined as the experience of an intense or compelling urge or desire - may be used to predict relapse, evaluate psychological and pharmacological treatments, and test theories of addiction and craving. This review summarizes both direct self-report questionnaires and indirect behavioral, physiological and reaction(More)
3 is the boundary of two spherical caps of constant mean curvature H for any positive number H, which is at most the radius of C. It is natural to ask whether spherical caps are the only possible examples. Some examples of constant mean curvature immersed tori by Wente [7] indicate that there are compact genus-one immersed constant mean curvature surfaces(More)
We extend the classical existence and uniqueness theory of Jenkins-Serrin (H = 0) and Spruck (H > 0) for the constant mean curvature equation over a domain in R 2 , to domains in H 2 or S 2. This theory allows prescribed boundary data including plus or minus infinity on entire arcs of the boundary. Necessarily these arc must have curvature +2H or −2H with(More)
A performance methodology for commercial servers This paper discusses a methodology for analyzing and optimizing the performance of commercial servers. Commercial server workloads are shown to have unique characteristics which expand the elements that must be optimized to achieve good performance and require a unique performance methodology. The steps in(More)
We recruited a sample of university student gamblers (n = 48) to complete a web-based battery of instruments in a study designed to assess the impact of imagery-based versus photographic cue exposure on acute craving to gamble using the multi-item Gambling Urge Scale (GUS; Raylu and Oei 2004). Although self-reported craving increased following both forms of(More)