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Measures of subjective drug craving - often defined as the experience of an intense or compelling urge or desire - may be used to predict relapse, evaluate psychological and pharmacological treatments, and test theories of addiction and craving. This review summarizes both direct self-report questionnaires and indirect behavioral, physiological and reaction(More)
3 is the boundary of two spherical caps of constant mean curvature H for any positive number H, which is at most the radius of C. It is natural to ask whether spherical caps are the only possible examples. Some examples of constant mean curvature immersed tori by Wente [7] indicate that there are compact genus-one immersed constant mean curvature surfaces(More)
In this paper we shall demonstrate a surprising relationship between the topology of a properly embedded periodic minimal surface in 3 and its global geometry. We shall call a minimal surface periodic if it is connected and invariant under a group G of isometries that acts freely on 3. We will analyze these surfaces by studying their quotient in 3 /G. We(More)
We recruited a sample of university student gamblers (n = 48) to complete a web-based battery of instruments in a study designed to assess the impact of imagery-based versus photographic cue exposure on acute craving to gamble using the multi-item Gambling Urge Scale (GUS; Raylu and Oei 2004). Although self-reported craving increased following both forms of(More)
This study assessed acceptability, availability, and reasons for nonavailability of interventions designed to prevent drug use related harm by substituting pharmaceuticals for illicit drugs; facilitating detoxification; and reducing the occurrence of HIV transmission, relapse, and opiate overdose. A survey was mailed to a sample of 500 randomly selected(More)