Harold Pollock

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There is evidence for lymphatic drainage of interstitial fluid from the brain along perivascular spaces in a number of mammalian species. Ultrastructural studies suggest that there are similar drainage pathways in the human cerebral cortex. Perivascular spaces in the basal ganglia, however, differ from those in the cortex in that they dilate to form lacunes(More)
This paper presents a new class of brushless motor as an alternative to the permanent-magnet brushed motor used in the automotive industry. The new flux-switching motor is a very simple motor to manufacture, and, coupled with a powerelectronic controller requiring only two power semiconductor switches, it has the potential to be extremely low cost in high(More)
In this paper, a permanent magnet flux switching motor (PMFSM) is presented as an alternative to the more familiar brushless DC motor (BDC) used in low energy consumption axial fans. The PMFSM has permanent magnets as a part of the stator structure which also contains an armature winding. The rotor is a simple steel, salient pole structure. Simulated and(More)
to estimate changes in the radiometric response of both sensors. While the 2009 campaign (VCC 2009) indicated significant initial degradation in the sensors compared to the prelaunch values, the results presented here show that the stability of the sensors has improved with time. The largest changes were seen in the 0.76 μm oxygen A-band for TANSO-FTS and(More)
The effect of a wedge-shaped pillow (Ozzlo pillow) was compared with a standard hospital pillow, used to support the abdomen of a pregnant woman while lying on her side, in preventing or alleviating backache and backache-related insomnia; 92 women at 36 weeks' gestation completed the study. Backache was found to be very common (87%), the onset of pain(More)
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