Harold Peeters

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Bamboos are among the economically most important plants world-wide. In Europe bamboos are used as ornamentals for gardens, but there is increasing interest for uses in ecological applications and as energy crops. Biotechnological techniques, including tissue culture, in vitro hybridisation, molecular markers and genetic transformation are crucial for the(More)
Clinical, pathological, and immunological analysis of 20 patients with ocular adnexal lymphoid disease has demonstrated several parameters which are useful for distinguishing malignant from benign lesions. Patients in the fourth or fifth decade of life presenting with an acute history of pain, oedema, epiphora, double vision, and ptosis, with a mass(More)
A novel potent vasoactive agent, 1-(4-isopropyl-thiophenyl)-2-n-octylaminopropanol (suloctidil, Sulocton), lowers excess of plasma cholesterol and tends to normalize the plasma hyperbetalipoproteinemia of Rhesus monkeys fed a high-cholesterol, high-fat diet. The drug shows an inhibitory effect on the cholesterol biosynthesis in rat liver homogenates.
A technique is described to fix a split-skin graft to the bony orbit with a new homologous fibrin adhesive system. This shortens the time between the exenteration and the fitting of an epithesis to the bony orbit as compared with the granulation technique or fitting the graft with a prolonged pressure bandage. The advantages and risks connected to the glue(More)
The influence of treatment with polyunsaturated lecithin (EPL) and with saturated lecithin on the lipoprotein composition and fatty acid profile was investigated in 4 male chimpanzees. The animals were successively given 3 isocaloric diets containing the same amount of fat with a degree of saturation varying from 1 in the control diet to 0.2 in the diet(More)