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Streptozotocin-induced diabetes in the rat alters intestinal function, causes hyperphagia and arrests body growth, but stimulates intestinal growth, particularly in the mucosa. Therefore we measured several indices of epithelial cell proliferation to gain insight on possible factors responsible for the increased mucosal cell mass in the small intestine. We(More)
Eight men positioned a triple-lumen tube in the duodenojejunum. By use of segmental perfusion, 2, 4, 6, or 8% solutions of glucose (111-444 mM), sucrose (55-233 mM), a maltodextrin [17-67 mM, avg. chain length = 7 glucose units (7G)], or a corn syrup solid [40-160 mM, avg. chain length = 3 glucose units (3G)] were perfused at 15 ml/min for 70 min after a(More)
Intestinal absorption was measured in six trained male cyclists during rest, exercise, and recovery periods with the segmental perfusion technique. Each subject passed a multilumen tube into the duodenojejunum. The experiments consisted of 1) a sequence of 1-h bouts of cycling exercise at 30, 50, and 70% maximal O2 uptake (Vo2max) separated by 1-h rest(More)
Indicators of net water movement are used in a variety of intestinal transport studies. Such indicators should be virtually unabsorbed under study conditions. The effects of stimuli that alter intestinal mass on indicator recovery have not been examined. We used the male albino rat to study the effects of food restriction (50%) and fasting on recovery of(More)
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We studied intestinal absorption of solutions containing either one (glucose, Glu, or maltodextrin, Mal) or two (fructose, Fru, and Glu or sucrose, Suc) transportable carbohydrate (CHO) substrates using segmental perfusion technique in eight healthy male subjects. These CHO were either free or directly transportable monosaccharides (Glu, Fru), bound as the(More)