Harold Michael Marsh

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Between 1950 and 1986 173 patients with craniopharyngioma were treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital with external beam radiotherapy either alone or following surgery. Four patients had complete tumour excision, 21 subtotal and 78 partial resection, 14 had biopsy alone, 34 aspiration alone and 22 had no surgery directed at tumour eradication. Seventy-seven(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether selective decontamination of the digestive tract using oral and nonabsorbable antimicrobial agents and parenteral cefotaxime prevents infection in critically ill patients. DESIGN Randomized, controlled trial without blinding. SETTING Surgical trauma and medical intensive care units in a tertiary referral hospital. (More)
Patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) have both preprandial and postprandial hyperglycemia. To determine the mechanism responsible for the postprandial hyperglycemia, insulin secretion, insulin action, and the pattern of carbohydrate metabolism after glucose ingestion were assessed in patients with NIDDM and in matched nondiabetic(More)
The decision for timing of tracheostomy remains controversial. The relative complication rates in two retrospective series, in which 79 and 150 critically ill patients were examined, respectively, showed increased incidence of late complications with tracheostomy and led Petty's group to conclude "The value of tracheotomy when an artificial airway is(More)
Patients requiring prolonged (greater than 24 hours) mechanical ventilation have various conditions that result in respiratory failure. All patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation were subdivided into the following six groups: uncomplicated acute lung injury; respiratory failure complicated by multisystem failure; previous lung disease; trauma;(More)
To determine the effect of thyroid hormone excess on insulin secretion, metabolism and action in humans, we examined intravenous glucose tolerance, glucose-induced insulin secretion, insulin clearance, monocyte insulin receptor binding, and the dose-response characteristics for the effects of insulin on glucose production, uptake, oxidation, and(More)
Pulmonary epithelial cells are exposed to repetitive deformation during physiological breathing and mechanical ventilation. Such deformation may influence pulmonary growth, development, and barotrauma. Although deformation stimulates proliferation and activates extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK1/2) in human pulmonary epithelial H441 cells, the(More)
Experience with prolonged mechanical ventilation has improved over recent years. Retrospective analysis of the records of 104 patients older than 16 years of age who were mechanically ventilated for more than 29 days over a 29-month period from May 1986 to October 1988 revealed the following findings. The mean patient age was 66.3 +/- 15.7 years (SD). The(More)
Human growth hormone (hGH) and prednisone cause insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. However, it is unknown whether hGH and prednisone antagonize insulin action on protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism by a common or independent mechanism. Therefore, protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism was assessed simultaneously in four groups of eight(More)
To determine the extent to which glucose oxidation measured by indirect calorimetry reflects glucose oxidation measured isotopically, subjects were studied during a 6-h hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp (1 mU.kg-1.min-1) and during infusion of saline. [6-14C]glucose was infused on both occasions. Breath was collected for determination of the specific(More)