Harold M. Heggestad

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A model is developed for the effects of multiple scattering upon optical-frequency radiation. Attention is focused upon situations in which the scattering particles are large compared to the carrier wavelength, so that forward-scattering predominates. This is the case for atmospheric clouds at visible-light wavelengths, the physical framework within which(More)
Decision-directed learning (DOL) is an iterative discrete approach to finding a ,fiasible solution fur largescale combinatorial optimization problems. DDL k capable of eflciently formulating a solution ro network scheduling problems that involve load limiting device utilization. selecting parallel configurations for software applications and host hardware(More)
II The normal duties of-ATC equipment maintenance are to observe performance indicators and measurements, infer &om these data whether the equipment is in good health, and, if a problem is found, diagnose its cause and perform the necessary repairs. Machine intelligence (MI) technology offers a means for automating much of this work load. Indeed, Lincoln(More)
A Call-by-Call SIMulator (CCSIM) of a switched communication network has been developed under the sponsorship of the Defense Information Systems Agency, It has been used for a variety of applications involving engineering and network management studies for the Defense Switched Network (DSN), undergoing a series of evolutionary extensions in the process. It(More)
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