Harold Levine

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Absorption of a photon of light by rhodopsin triggers mechanisms responsible for excitation as well as regulation of the phototransduction cascade. Arrestins are a family of proteins that appear to be responsible for terminating the active state of G-protein-coupled receptors. One of the major substrates of light-dependent phosphorylation in the visual(More)
  • K Clarence, E Heller, +67 authors Michael Mckibbin
  • 2005
Teaching and California's Future is sponsored by The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning. The Center is made up of education professionals, scholars and public policy experts who care deeply about improving the schooling of California's children. The Center was founded in 1995 as a public, nonprofit organization with the purpose of strengthening(More)
Recently, a set of nine nonmagic nuclei with anomalous values of the B(E2) ratio B 4/2 ≡ B(E2; 4 + 1 → 2 + 1)/B(E2; 2 + 1 → 0 + 1) < 1 were identified. Such values are outside the range allowed by current collective models. In the present work, the B(E2; 4 + 1 → 2 + 1) values for two of these nuclei, 98 Ru and 180 Pt, were re-measured to determine if the(More)
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