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Acute mountain sickness (A.M.S.) and its severe complications, high-altitude pulmonary oedema (H.A.P.O.) and cerebral oedema (C.O.), were studied in 278 unacclimatised hikers at 4243 m altitude at Pheriche in the Himalayas of Nepal. The overall incidence of A.M.S. was 53%, the incidence being increased in the young and in those who flew to 2800 m, climbed(More)
  • H LeVine
  • 1993
Thioflavine T (ThT) associates rapidly with aggregated fibrils of the synthetic beta/A4-derived peptides beta(1-28) and beta(1-40), giving rise to a new excitation (ex) (absorption) maximum at 450 nm and enhanced emission (em) at 482 nm, as opposed to the 385 nm (ex) and 445 nm (em) of the free dye. This change is dependent on the aggregated state as(More)
In the context of social organisms, a school refers to a cohesive group of organisms that share a common speed and direction of motion, as well as a common axis of body alignment or polarization. Schools are also noted for the relatively fixed nearest-neighbour distances between individuals. The rules of interaction that lead to the formation and(More)
Aqueous solutions of beta(1-40) peptide spontaneously associate to form pentameric/hexameric complexes that can be demonstrated by SDS-PAGE following treatment with glutaraldehyde and borohydride reduction. Under amyloidogenic conditions of pH and high peptide concentration these aggregates can further associate to form pentameric/hexameric complexes that(More)
When Dictyostelium cells are induced to develop between a coverslip and a layer of agarose, they aggregate normally into groups containing up to a thousand cells but are then constrained to form disks only a few cells thick that appear to be equivalent to the three-dimensional mounds formed on top of agarose. Such vertically restricted aggregates frequently(More)
IN THE preceding communication' the results of the vectorcardiographic examination of 161 cases of myocardial infarction employing the cube system2 were described. In the present report the results are given for 206 cases studied by the Frank system. The purpose of this study is to determine the practical value of this corrected lead system , which has been(More)
Over the past 20 years, the general mechanism for signaling through 7-transmembrane helix receptors coupled to GTP hydrolysis has been worked out. Although similar in overall organization, subtype variability and subcellular localization of components have built in considerable signaling specificity. Atomic resolution structures for many of the components(More)
  • K Clarence, E Heller, +67 authors Michael Mckibbin
  • 2005
Teaching and California's Future is sponsored by The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning. The Center is made up of education professionals, scholars and public policy experts who care deeply about improving the schooling of California's children. The Center was founded in 1995 as a public, nonprofit organization with the purpose of strengthening(More)