Harold Kirk

Nikolaos Simos2
Peter Thieberger2
Kirk Mcdonald2
2Nikolaos Simos
2Peter Thieberger
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We report initial results of exposing low-Z solid and high-Z liquid targets to 150-ns, 4 × 10 12 proton pulses with spot sizes on the order of 1 to 2 mm. The energy depo-sition density approached 100 J/g. Diagnostics included fiberoptic strain sensors on the solid target and high-speed photography of the liquid targets. This work is part of the R&D program(More)
The muon collection scheme for a muon-storage-ring-based Neutrino Factory consists of a target irradiated with a 1 MW proton beam followed by a 30-m decay channel and then a 300-m long induction linac phase rotation. The purpose of the induction-linac section is to reduce the E=E spread of the collected muons to a value which is manageable for the(More)
A program is described which was designed primarily to automatically place 5000 gate circuits comprising irregular drop-in components onto the UK5000 type gate array. The architecture of this array is unique, having latch cells together with basic logic cells already predefined on the uncommitted die and so is not a uniform structure. The program uses(More)
  • Harold Kirk, Hans Ludewig, Leonard Mausner, Nikolaos Simos, Peter Thieberger, Robert Weggel +1 other
  • 2003
Abstruct We describe measurements performed on samples consisting of the alloy Super-Invar, which is a candidate material for a robust solid target used in conjunction with an intense pulsed proton beam. A low coefficient of thermal expansion is the characteristic property which makes Super-lnvar an attractive target candidate. We have irradiated our(More)
Following a UK Department of Industry initiative, the UK5000 project was launched in July 1981 on a 2 year timescale by 7 autonomous UK organizations with different computer systems. The activity involved the collaborative development of an integrated design system for a 5000 gate CMOS array. The DA system was to be portable and capable of generating(More)
Numerical methods for free surface MHD flows have been developed and numerical simulations of the Richtmyer-Meshkov type instability in liquid jets in strong magnetic fields caused by an external energy deposition have been performed. Numerical results shed light on the evolution of the proposed Muon Collider target which will be designed as a pulsed jet of(More)
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