Harold J. Kurtz

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Selective antagonists of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) excitatory amino acid (EAA) receptors have been shown to protect against dynorphin-A (DYN)-induced paralysis and neurotoxicity in the spinal cord. To test the hypothesis that either DYN-induced paralysis or neurotoxicity involves an enhanced release of EAAs, we used microdialysis to monitor aspartate(More)
Concentrations of 25, 50, or 100 ppm of 95% purified zearalenone fed to groups of healthy, multiparous sows during preestrus or throughout the gestation period (or both) produced multiple reproductive deficiencies. These reproductive disorders included infertility, constant estrus, pseudopregnancy, diminished fertility, reduced litter size, smaller(More)
Some properties of the cell-free and cell-associated hemolysins of Escherichia coli were studied. Several strains of E. coli that were isolated from intestines of pigs with edema disease produce large quantities of cell-free hemolysin when grown in the presence of an extract of meat. The component of meat that stimulates production of cell-free hemolysin is(More)
Escherichia coli endotoxin was continuously infused IV into 31 pigs. The response was related to the infusion rate. Of 13 pigs given endotoxin at the rate of 15.4 and 23.1 micrograms/kg of body weight/hour, 10 had bilateral renal cortical necrosis similar to a generalized Shwartzman lesion. All 13 pigs given endotoxin at the rate of 6.6 to 12.1(More)
The defect causing malignant hyperthermia has been proposed to involve cardiac as well as skeletal muscle. We tested the hypothesis that histomorphometric parameters for ventricular wall from malignant hyperthermia-susceptible swine and dogs were abnormal. Hearts were obtained from: mature dogs, age- and weight-matched young swine (89 +/- 15 days, 30 +/- 3(More)
Synthesis of alpha-haemolysin by Escherichia coli was proportional to the amount of meat-broth factor present in the medium and not to bacterial growth. The meat-broth component required for the synthesis of haemolysin was found to have several physical and chemical properties in common with alpha-haemolysin itself. Both molecules are trypsin-sensitive,(More)
Eighteen cycling, virgin, Holstein heifers daily were given 250 mg of 99% purified zearalenone in a gelatin capsule orally, and 18 controls were given an empty gelatin capsule once a day. The study lasted through 1 non-breeding estrous cycle and the next 2 consecutive estrous cycles during which the 36 heifers were bred, using artificial insemination. Serum(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemostatic agents are frequently used during abdominal surgery and some are linked to adhesion formation. We sought to evaluate the impact of several commonly used hemostatic agents on adhesion formation in a rat peritoneal model. METHODS In our study, Wister outbred rats underwent laparotomy and excision of a portion of their peritoneum to(More)