Harold J. Batteram

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Following the success of CORBA based systems the OMG has standardized the CORBA Component Model (CCM) to improve the implementation process of large distributed systems. The European project COACH [16] has been set up to build an Open Source development platform to construct CCM applications. As part of COACH a toolset for CCM components and system testing(More)
July–September 2000 59 Copyright 2000. Lucent Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Introduction New high-speed networks make possible new telecommunication services and applications involving voice, data, and multimedia. These networks open new opportunities to service providers such as operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), and application service(More)
We present our experiences with the DSC (Distributed Software Component) framework and development environment. The DSC framework supports component oriented distributed communication architecture such as TINA (Telecommunications Information Network Architecture). Within the component development environment, components can be developed and evaluated.(More)
This paper presents a framework for monitoring component interactions. It is part of a larger component framework built on top of the CORBA distributed processing environment that supports development and testing of distributed software applications. The proposed framework considers an OMG IDL specification as a contract for distributed interactions and(More)
We present a Generic Software Component framework to support component oriented distributed communication architectures. Software Components are self-contained packages of code that can be dynamically linked into a program. Operational interfaces cater for the external functionality of the component. Through a common control interface the components can be(More)
Absb.ad-Industry acceptance of TINA (Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture) will depend heavily on both the evaluation of working systems that implement this architecture, and on the experiences obtained during the design and implementation of these systems. During the MESH' (Multimedia services on the Electronic Super Highway) project, a(More)