Harold Ira Friedman

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Cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) arising in actinically damaged skin, unassociated with chronic inflammation or injury, are generally regarded as nonaggressive lesions. These tumors occasionally recur or metastasize, however, as do de novo SCC. The authors reviewed 63 patients with cutaneous SCC of the trunk or extremities, excluding lesions that(More)
BACKGROUND Hidradenitis suppurativa can be a debilitating chronic illness. The underlying cause of the disease is still not clear, but effective treatment of widespread regional disease relies on resection of all the involved skin and subcutaneous tissue. Closure of the resulting large wound is dependent on either flap or skin graft coverage. Many of the(More)
BACKGROUND The implantation of a biomedical device elicits a wound-healing response that progresses through the three phases of wound healing: inflammation, cellular proliferation, and matrix remodeling. This response culminates in a fibrous collagen encapsulation of the implant. Subsequent contraction of this "scar-like" tissue can lead to physical(More)
Plasma DEHP concentrations were measured weekly in whole blood and red cell concentrates (RCC) during 21 days of storage in standard CPD within PL-130 blood bags. In addition, DEHP and MEHP accumulation patterns were investigated in blood stored for 42 days in modified CPD with adenine within PL-146 and BB-69 storage containers. Total per-unit plasma DEHP(More)
We describe a tarsorrhaphy technique whereby an ipsilateral upper-eyelid tarsal pillar is sutured to a corresponding lower-eyelid recipient site. This technique allows maintenance of a narrowed interpalpebral fissure indefinitely, yet is easy to reverse without incurring lid-margin damage. Additionally, the procedure can be adjusted postoperatively to(More)
Three men with thumb injuries sustained during rodeo roping competition have been treated recently. Two of the thumbs were amputated, and the third was partially avulsed. The mechanism of injury was identical in all three cases. The thumbs were entwined between the rope and saddle horn while reducing the slack in the rope and then subjected to shearing and(More)
This report provides information on the morphology of rat intestinal epithelial cells during fat absorption. In addition, the role of protein metabolism in this process has been evaluated by blocking its synthesis with puromycin and studying the fine structure of mucosal cells from rats at various times after fat intubation. The results indicate that(More)
This article is a collective review of all the prospective clinical studies that assessed the therapeutic value of antibiotics in minor soft tissue lacerations. This review critically evaluates each study that tests the hypothesis that antibiotic treatment reduces the incidence of infection. Even though the design of each of the studies was scientifically(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen has been advocated, both as an adjunctive or primary form of treatment, for a variety of disorders, including gas gangrene, osteoradionecrosis, and carbon monoxide poisoning. It has also been used to improve ischemic wounds before skin grafting and to support ischemic flaps. In this review, we analyze the available literature that(More)