Harold H. Warner

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We present the implementation of the indications for surgery for three surgical operations--cholecystectomy, cataract extraction, and knee arthroscopy--in a medical expert system, called Iliad. This implementation operates in the preauthorization service of IHC Health Plans (an insurance company in Salt Lake City) as a basis for reimbursement of services.(More)
This paper describes a prototype for research to evaluate the impact of diagnostic decision support systems on the behavior of physicians. Several indices that can be used to quantify the magnitude of impact are proposed. A large medical diagnostic knowledge base in internal medicine (the Iliad knowledge base) was used in this evaluation. The impact on(More)
Informed patients are better equipped to participate in their own health care decisions. We present Medical HouseCall (TM), a consumer expert system and medical information guide, derived in part from a diagnostic and treatment software used by physicians (Iliad). HouseCall(TM) generates a differential diagnosis based on the user symptoms and medical(More)
Iliad is a diagnostic expert system consisting of an "inference engine" (collection of rules and procedures for making decisions) and a "knowledge base" (collection of medical facts). Iliad's internal medicine knowledge base recognizes 5000 medical findings and covers 1150 diagnostic conditions in 10 subspecialty fields. We used Iliad's simulator mode to(More)
Merging data from the Salt Lake VA hospital database and the LDS hospital HELP system into a UMLS sponsored unified patient database has demonstrated that distribution of variables within a disease is hospital independent. Although disease prevalence is clearly not the same among hospitals, analysis of data within a disease group across hospitals can be(More)
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