Harold Gonzales

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Due to the prevalence of insecure open 802.11 access points, it is currently easy for a malicious party to launch a variety of attacks such as eavesdropping and data injection. In this paper, we consider a particular threat called the evil twin attack, which occurs when an adversary clones an open access point and exploits common automatic access point(More)
—Open-access 802.11 wireless networks are commonly deployed in cafes, bookstores, and other public spaces to provide free Internet connectivity. These networks are convenient to deploy, requiring no out-of-band key exchange or prior trust relationships. However, such networks are vulnerable to a variety of threats including the evil twin attack where an(More)
The size of existing data sets regarding human mobility and person-to-person contact has been limited by the labor-intensive nature of the data collection techniques employed. In this paper, we propose a practical data collection system which is automatic and transparent to the user, requires only installing new software, and uses the multiple sensing(More)
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