Harold Eckert

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This group report was developed jointly by: U . Costabel (Essen), C . Danel (Paris), L.M. Fabbri (Padova), P.L . Haslam (London), C. Hutter (Vienna) secretary, D. Israel-Biet (Paris), H. Klech (Vienna) chairman, W. Pohl (Vienna) secretary, L.W . Poulter (London), E. Pozzi (Torino), S .I . Rennard (Omaha), V. De Rose (Torino), G.A. Rossi (Genova), M. Rust(More)
The distribution of14C psilocin was studied in 74 regions of the rat brain, using autoradiograms of sagittal serial sections 1, 30 and 60 min, 2, 4, 8 and 24 hours after intravenous injection. The absolute contents of psilocin in the various brain structures was determined by photometry and was found to range from 15.5 to 1.78μg/g brain weight after one(More)
Attachment and penetration of influenza virus into clone 1-5C-4 cells were quantitatively determined by the immunofluorescent cell-counting assay. Aided by centrifugal force, more than 95% of virus inocula of five representative influenza virus strains (A(0)/PR8, A(1)/Ann Arbor, A(2)/Japan, B/Lee, B/Great Lakes) were attached to cells at a linear rate(More)
Extravasation of leucocytes in tissues is mediated by leucocyte-endothelial cell interactions in which adhesion molecules play an important role. Until now, two pathways have been unravelled, i.e., the LFA-1/ICAM-1 and the VLA-4/VCAM-1 pathways. ELAM-1 has been shown to be involved in granulocyte accumulation and recently also in lymphocyte migration. The(More)
By immunofluorescence staining, a specific surface antigen induced by influenza virus was detected on clone 1-5C-4 cells. The antigen was neither related to hemagglutinin nor dependent on the production of infectious virus. Formation of the virus-specific cell surface antigen was dependent on protein synthesis but independent of viral ribonucleic acid(More)
The immunofluorescent and immunoperoxidase cell-counting techniques were comparable in precision and reproducibility for the quantitative assessment of influenza virus infectivity. The dose-response function was linear with each procedure, and comparable results were obtained for estimating neutralizing antibodies in antiviral serum.
To study the functional activity of alveolar macrophages in surfactant turnover experiments on rats were carried out with stimulation of surfactant production by Ambroxol® (metabolite VIII of bromhexine). It was shown that after Ambroxol® treatment alveolar macrophages contained abundant phospholipids, predominantly of the surfactant system, in their(More)
The immunofluorescent technique was employed to evaluate the sensitivity of 10 human and animal cell monolayers and tissue sections as substrates for titering the antinuclear antibody content of serum samples. The highest mean ranks of sensitivity, the relative ability of each substrate to maintain its sensitivity rank when 21 selected positive sera were(More)