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Acute mountain sickness (A.M.S.) and its severe complications, high-altitude pulmonary oedema (H.A.P.O.) and cerebral oedema (C.O.), were studied in 278 unacclimatised hikers at 4243 m altitude at Pheriche in the Himalayas of Nepal. The overall incidence of A.M.S. was 53%, the incidence being increased in the young and in those who flew to 2800 m, climbed(More)
lExjaminaition of the T wave of the beat following the pause occurring in conwlitions, notablYl I)remnature sv-stoles, may show variations from the regular T waves in the s tine lead(l without con-comitant change in the QItS complex. This phenomenon, when pronounce(l, is generallyl associated awith evidence of Imvocardifil impilr)imi'iieint and is(More)
THE analysis of the normal apex cardio-gram and its temporal relationship to electrical, acoustic, and mechanical cardiac events is the subject of the preceding communication .' The "normal pattern" was found to be uniform, reproducible, and clearly correlated with known hemodynamic phenomena. It was anticipated that different types of obstruction of the(More)
Over the span of two or three days in August, 1972, in two separate communities in eastern Massachusetts two men, one aged 39, the other 66, each without previous overt heart disease, were stung by wasps. Each went into shock rapidly after an interval of over a half-hour developed chest pain and, later, sequential electrocardiographic changes diagnostic of(More)
One possible cause of pulmonary failure after trauma is the type of asanguinous fluid used for resuscitation, i.e., crystalloid or colloid. To investigate this issue, patients having a laparotomy for trauma randomly received either Ringer's lactate (RLS) alone or Ringer's lactate with albumin (ALB). Both groups received washed red cells. Test fluids and red(More)
SUMMARY It has been suggested that a tentative preoperative decision favoring a pericardial lesion, on the one hand, or a myocardial lesion, on the other, may be made from certain noninvasive procedures , including the electrocardiogram. An attempt was therefore made to detect associated myocardial fibrosis by electrocardiogram in 67 patients with(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the respiratory properties of hemoglobin-saline solution. Eighteen baboons were exchange transfused with either 6 per cent dextran or 6 per cent hemoglobin-saline solution. All of the hemoglobin-saline solution treated baboons survived three hours at a zero hematocrit reading. All the dextran treated animals died(More)