Harold Bowman

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Multiple viewpoints are used in Open Distributed Processing (ODP) in order to decompose the complexity inherent in specifying distributed systems. Multiple viewpoints prompt the issue of consistency between viewpoints. The ODP reference model alludes to three diierent interpretations of consistency. This paper responds to this uncertainty by proposing a(More)
The Cancer Committee of the College of American Pathologists has updated and expanded their protocol for the pathologic examination and reporting of specimens from patients with colorectal carcinoma, which was originally developed in 1989. The updated protocol incorporates all basic pathology data of diagnostic and prognostic significance appropriate for(More)
Ten patients under 20 years of age who had solitary adenomas of the colon or rectum, selected for study from case records of the period 1959--1979, have been followed for 1--20 years (average, 10 years). Though no malignancies have been identified so far, this series points out that adenomas do exist in pediatric patients. Hence, one should not assume that(More)
We present the formal speciication and veriication of a lip synchronization algorithm using the real-time model checker UPPAAL. A number of speciications of this algorithm can be found in the literature, but this is the rst automatic veriication. We take a published speciication of the algorithm, code it up in the UPPAAL timed automata notation and then(More)
Two hundred and fifty-eight patients with juvenile polyps were reviewed. Ten patients less than 20 years of age were found to have adenomas. The points to be presented can, therefore, be emphasized. Juvenile polyps are a distinct pathologic entity and can occur at any age and in either sex. Adenomas do exist in pediatric patients. We should not assume that(More)
The blastogenic reactivity of peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) and mesenteric lymph node lymphocytes (LNL) against normal allogeneic leukocytes and autochthonous colorectal carcinoma cells is evaluated in 36 patients, and correlated with the patient's Dukes classification. Mesenteric LNL react significantly better than PBL to allogeneic leukocytes in both(More)