Harold B. Gerard

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By NOW, many experimental studies (e.g., 1, 3, 6) have demonstrated that individual psychological processes are subject to social influences. Most investigators, however, have not distinguished among different kinds of social influences; rather, they have carelessly used the term "group" influence to characterize the impact of many different kinds of social(More)
In a recent paper Britton attempted to distinguish between a phantasy that has achieved the status of a belief and one that has not, and between a belief and knowledge. The author argues that, in the light of the seventeenth-century controversy between Descartes and Spinoza, both of these distinctions are untenable. Descartes argued, as Britton does, and as(More)
Retrospective data on 106 young people collected 10 years prior to this study as well as contemporaneous data were analyzed to determine predictors of drug use. Results indicate that personality factors fared poorly in distinguishing users from nonusers with the exception of anxiety and IQ for hallucinogen use only. Users tended to have high IQs and low(More)