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For a sphygmomanometric method of indirect blood-pressure measurement to be accurate, the cuff must operate so that the intrabladder pressure is always the same as the pressure applied by the tissues of the arm to the artery wall. To determine under what conditions this occurs, analyses are presented assuming the arm to be a rotationally symmetric,(More)
The overall objective of this research is to relate disorders of the lumbar spine to the mechanics of the system. An isokinetic-isometric testing procedure was designed, and groups of normal subjects and patients with back pain were tested. The procedure allows sensitive detection of muscle weakness specific to some part of the range of motion or some(More)
The role of gravitational acceleration on human locomotion is not clearly understood. It is hypothesized that the mechanics and energetics of locomotion depend upon the prevailing gravity level. A unique human-rated underwater treadmill and an adjustable ballasting harness were used to stimulate partial gravity environments. This study has two research(More)
INTRODUCTION A tapered dental implant (Laser-Lok [LL] surface treatment) with a 2 mm wide collar, that has been laser micromachined in the lower 1.5 mm to preferentially accomplish bone and connective tissue attachment while inhibiting epithelial downgrowth, was evaluated in a prospective, controlled, multicenter clinical trial. MATERIALS Data are(More)
The intervertebral disc is a complex joint anatomically and functionally. It may be displaced or damaged due to trauma or a disease process. To alleviate this condition, it may be necessary to remove the involved disc surgically and fuse the two adjacent vertebrae. Fusion is one option; however, replacing the damaged disc (or part thereof) with a(More)
A study was conducted to characterize the dissolution, morphology, and chemical composition of a calcium sulfate/poly (L-lactic acid) (CS/PLLA) composite material before and after immersion in simulated body fluid (SBF). Twelve groups of experimental samples were prepared by coating CS pellets 1, 2, 3, or 4 times with one of three concentrations of a PLLA(More)
A high frequency, high resolution ultrasonic echo technique is presented for determining the thickness of human skin. An experimental series is described in which the accuracy of this new technique is demonstrated by comparison with a radiological method of proven accuracy. The "ultrasonic biometric ruler" is shown to provide an accurate, simple,(More)
The consequences of release of carbon debris within the synovial joint are of interest to surgeons contemplating the intra-articular repair of cruciate-deficient knees with a carbon fiber-based material. Coverage of carbon fiber implants with absorbable polymer as well as autogeneic graft material has resulted in surgical procedures that minimize potential(More)
The problem of differentiating primary bone tumors from subacute osteomyelitis was reviewed in 15 typical cases. Presenting symptoms, duration of illness, admitting laboratory data, and location of the pathologic condition were of little assistance in diagnosis. Preoperative diagnoses included benign and malignant neoplasms as well as osteomyelitis. In all(More)
Transverse divisions of the mid-shaft of freshly frozen pig metacarpals were fixed with Kirschner wires of two sizes and using four different configurations. Compared to the usual cross-pin fixation using wires of 0.889 mm. four wires (0.712 mm) eccentrically placed and with their ends hooked provided a 300% improvement in bending rigidity and 170% in(More)