Harold Alexander

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The role of gravitational acceleration on human locomotion is not clearly understood. It is hypothesized that the mechanics and energetics of locomotion depend upon the prevailing gravity level. A unique human-rated underwater treadmill and an adjustable ballasting harness were used to stimulate partial gravity environments. This study has two research(More)
This thesis presents an investigation into the effect of the visual interface in a virtual environment teleoperation tracking task on operator performance and strategy. The design and implementation of a virtual environment teleoperation simulator for experimentation with human operators in a laboratory setting are described. Included are the considerations(More)
This paper explores the optimization of a pulse width modulation torque loop for a floated gyroscope. Kalman filters are designed to estimate the float angular position and rate, external input rate, and the time derivative of the external input rate. Kalman filter state estimates are used in control algorithms derived from analytic solutions of the gyro(More)
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