Harold Ackler

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We have developed a microfabricated flow-through impedance characterization system capable of performing AC, multi-frequency measurements on cells and other particles. The sensor measures both the resistive and reactive impedance of passing particles, at rates of up to 100 particles per second. Its operational bandwidth approaches 10 MHz with a(More)
balanced by repulsive forces, as found in liquid phase sinVan der Waals dispersive forces produce attractive interactions tered Si3N4 (2–4) and thick film resistor materials (5) . It between bodies, playing an important role in many material sysis obviously of interest to be able to quantify these interactems influencing colloidal and emulsion stability,(More)
Diagnosis and treatment of human diseases frequently requires isolation and detection of certain cell types from a complex mixture. Compared with traditional separation and detection techniques, microfluidic approaches promise to yield easy-to-use diagnostic instruments tolerant of a wide range of operating environments and capable of accomplishing(More)
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