Harold A Zarkowsky

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The extent of membrane invagination or endocytosis in intact erythrocytes was quantified by measuring the loss of acetylcholinesterase activity. Primaquine-induced endocytosis was completely inhibited in ATP-depleted cells. However, chlorpromazine and vinblastine were capable of inducing membrane invagination in depleted cells. With both drugs, the loss of(More)
The concentration of methemoglobin increases as red cells age in normals and in patients with congenital methemoglobinemia (CMHb), yet the activity of NADH diaphorase (ND) (Scott assay) does not decrease with age. A specific assay for methemoglobin reductase (MHR) (J. Lab. Clin. Med. 72.339, 1968) permits reassessment of this phenomenon. Red cells were(More)
Managed care organizations must establish formal processes for the evaluation of new technology, procedures, and drugs to enhance the quality of health care delivered and to support coverage and utilization decision making. Evidence-based research and the results of controlled clinical trials are the preferred sources of outcomes data to support the safety(More)
Hospitalization in a NICU averages 1 mo. but may extend to 8-9 mos. Voluminous amounts of data makes it difficult to systematically study disease processes with the conventional medical record. A computer system is being developed to aid in the analysis of the incidence, course, interrelationships and demographic features of the various newborn illnesses(More)
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