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Inflammatory conditions characterized by excessive peripheral immune responses are associated with diverse alterations in brain function, and brain-derived neural pathways regulate peripheral inflammation. Important aspects of this bidirectional peripheral immune-brain communication, including the impact of peripheral inflammation on brain region-specific(More)
The gills of freshwater mussels perform many functions that depend on water flow through the water canals and channels. Regulation of water flow depends in part on ciliary activity and in part on the contraction of musculature underlying the gill filament and water channel epithelium. Obliquely striated muscles control water canal openings (ostia) at the(More)
Adult pigeons received dantrolene sodium, a skeletal muscle relaxant which blocks the release of calcium during excitation-contraction coupling, for 12 to 16 weeks. The pectoralis muscles of these birds were analyzed for changes occurring in the various fiber types of the muscle. Both histochemistry (ATPase and SDH activity) and electron microscopy(More)
The book begins with an excellent section on the methodology for starting and maintaining cell and organ cultures from human biopsy specimens. Techniques for growing monolayer cultures, cell suspension cultures, free-floating slice cultures, and organ cultures of several types are presented clearly and in detail. Subsequent sections ofthe book describe the(More)
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