Harold A Nieuwboer

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Here we present a method of genome-wide inferred study (GWIS) that provides an approximation of genome-wide association study (GWAS) summary statistics for a variable that is a function of phenotypes for which GWAS summary statistics, phenotypic means, and covariances are available. A GWIS can be performed regardless of sample overlap between the GWAS of(More)
OBJECTIVE The Computerized Neurocognitive Battery (CNB) enables efficient neurocognitive assessment. The authors aimed to (a) estimate validity and reliability of the battery's Dutch translation, (b) investigate effects of age across cognitive domains, and (c) estimate heritability of the CNB tests. METHOD A population-representative sample of 1,140(More)
For the participants in the Netherlands Twin Register (NTR) we constructed the extended pedigrees which specify all relations among nuclear and larger twin families in the register. A total of 253,015 subjects from 58,645 families were linked to each other, to the degree that we had information on the relations among participants. We describe the algorithm(More)
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