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1. In the present paper, we describe the in vitro pharmacological properties of LF 16.0335 (1-[[3-[(2,4-dimethylquinolin-8-yl)oxymethyl]-2,4-dichloro-p henyl]sulphonyl] -2(S) - [[4 -[4-(aminoiminomethyl)phenylcarbonyl]piperazin-1-yl]ca rbonyl]pyrrolidine), a novel and potent nonpeptide antagonist of the human bradykinin (BK) B2 receptor. 2. LF 16.0335(More)
This paper reports the clinico-pathological data in a French family with orthochromatic leukodystrophy. The parents were first cousins and had seven children. Among those, two sisters and one brother presented with neurological signs, with onset around the 5(th) decade, including a dementing syndrome of frontal type, a tetrapyramidal syndrome, seizures,(More)
Susceptibility of a human astrocytoma cell line to human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection was investigated. Infection of U-373MG astrocytoma cells with two strains of HCMV resulted in both production of extracellular, infectious virus and expression of immediate early and early antigens within 18 hours and late antigens after 72 hours of infection. The(More)
We have studied the effect of cyclophosphamide (CY) administration on the subsequent in vitro antibody response in the mouse. Treatment with a low dose (20 mg/kg) of CY four days before culture results in an increased IgM response to the T-independent antigen trinitrophenylated polyacrylamide (TNP-PAA), without affecting the background response of(More)
A partial syndrome of hemisphere disconnection was observed in a 63 year-old woman, following an anterior and middle corpus callosum infarct on MRI. Notably, we found left ideomotor apraxia, diagonistic apraxia, left-year extinction on dichotic listening, but no left-hand anomia nor left visual field anomia. A left tactile extinction in dichaptic condition(More)
An HBV strain isolated from a patient lacking conventional serological markers of HBV infection was characterized. The complete nucleotide sequence was determined following PCR amplification. Only 22 nucleotide substitutions were found relative to the reported sequence of the ayw subtype. Five of these point mutations in the preS/S and preC/C genes led to(More)
LF 16-0687 (1-[[2,4-dichloro-3-[[(2,4-dimethylquinolin-8-yl)oxy] methyl]phenyl]sulfonyl]-N-[3-[[4-(aminoimethyl) phenyl] carbonylamino]propyl]-2(S)-pyrrolidinecarboxamide) has been selected from a large-scale medicinal chemistry program for further development. In competition binding studies using [3H]bradykinin (BK), LF 16-0687 bound to the human, rat and(More)
The authors report a case of an intramedullary neurenteric cyst without any associated dysraphic lesion. Unlike extramedullary intradural forms, this type of malformation remains rare. Our observation is one of the first to have been evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging. Theories concerning the embryogenesis of neurenteric cysts as well as their clinical(More)