Harmony Duclos

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The authors report a case of an intramedullary neurenteric cyst without any associated dysraphic lesion. Unlike extramedullary intradural forms, this type of malformation remains rare. Our observation is one of the first to have been evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging. Theories concerning the embryogenesis of neurenteric cysts as well as their clinical(More)
A 59-year-old patient progressively developed dementia, hallucinations and facial dyskinesia. Brain T and T2-weighted MRI images showed low signal intensity on basal ganglia specially striatum, posterior thalamic and dentate nuclei. He had no evidence of ceruloplasmin and a high level of ferritin in the serum. Liver biopsy confirmed accumulation of iron in(More)
We report a case of spinal cord infarction in the anterior spinal artery territory with selective involvement of the anterior horns. A 35-year-old Mauritanian woman was hospitalized because of an acute and severe flaccid paraplegia without any sphincter dysfunction or sensory disturbance. MRI abnormalities (hypersignal on T2-weighted sequences) were(More)
A partial syndrome of hemisphere disconnection was observed in a 63 year-old woman, following an anterior and middle corpus callosum infarct on MRI. Notably, we found left ideomotor apraxia, diagonistic apraxia, left-year extinction on dichotic listening, but no left-hand anomia nor left visual field anomia. A left tactile extinction in dichaptic condition(More)
This paper reports the clinico-pathological data in a French family with orthochromatic leukodystrophy. The parents were first cousins and had seven children. Among those, two sisters and one brother presented with neurological signs, with onset around the 5(th) decade, including a dementing syndrome of frontal type, a tetrapyramidal syndrome, seizures,(More)
The authors report two cases of paralysis of the posterior branch of the radial nerve as a result of compression of the nerve by a benign tumour, in both instances a lipoma. Analysis of the sixteen cases appearing in the literature reveals that the symptoms and signs are constant, characterised by the progressive development of paralysis of the muscles(More)
Although frontal presentations of Alzheimer's disease (fv-AD) have already been described in the literature, we still know little about patients' social cognitive abilities, especially their theory of mind (ToM). We report the case of FT, a 61-year-old woman who was diagnosed with fv-AD. Two assessments of social cognition, using a false-belief task, the(More)
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